OptiProcezz provide expertise and consultancy services that can help you map, organize, optimize, and automate your processes OptiProcezz can help you with Process Mining, Process Mapping, Cloud Workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Custom Development, Web Development, and much more

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We provide expertise and consultancy services that can help you map, organize, optimize, and automate your processes

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Process Mapping

How well do you know your business processes? And can you rely on the documentation that you currently have on your processes? Implementing a process mapping platform is crucial if you wish to achieve effective documentation and collaboration on managing and sharing your business processes in your organization. We can lead your process discovery project.


We are all trying to minimize boring, cumbersome, time-consuming manual work. The options to automate is endless; from RPA, to Workflow platforms, and Excel macros. But what is the best option? Should you use the tools you already have, invest in new platforms, or open source projects? We can help you find and implement the best solutions for your needs.

Business Intelligence

Data. It is amazing; the more we can get, the more we want. But data for the sake of data is not valuable. You need to focus on transforming data into business insights. Whether or not you already have the databases, infrastructure, and tools in place, we can help you master the task of collecting, processing, integrating, analyzing, and presenting your data.

Open-Source Solutions

In many cases, companies purchase expensive software and never utilize the functionality that justifies the investment. You can achieve wonders with the strength and power of free, fully customizable solutions developed with open-source software. We can help you earn full benefit of amazing tools and platforms such as Python, Node.js, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

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Poul Lindorf is an experienced director and management consultant with many years of experience working with Dynamics NAV, now Dynamics 365, by Microsoft. Later, he has earned experience implement automation platforms and solutions to help clients improve efficiency.

Poul Lindorf

Mathias Balsløw is a skilled director and developer with management consultancy experience working with Dynamics NAV, now Dynamics 365, by Microsoft, Python, Robotic Process Automation tools like UiPath and Nintex RPA, and more.

Mathias Balsløw



Personal recommendations received on LinkedIn

I have learned so much from Mathias and his very well-documented guides both on his own homepage, on the Foxtrot Alliance support page and on Github. Whether it is a question about RA, Python, or something else, Mathias is always right there to help and guide. I have even had cases where local IT staff haven’t been able to solve an issue, but Mathias realized right away how to solve it. I can only recommend Mathias in any way possible. I am using Mathias’ Orchestrator tool for my RPA scripts, and the tool is really awsome. If you have an idea for an enhancement, you can hardly have a night’s sleep, and the update is there!

Ghita Maria Fjorback

RPA Designer, ECU Nordic and Auto-Flow

I had a great pleasure to meet Mathias when he came in France to present us the Foxtrot RPA tool, my Company chose to work with. As the Project Mgr of the subject, I organized a three days meeting with 10 people around the table, with lots of different scopes and different skills. I wanted to be sure that the tool would fit the largest audience. Mathias was confident in his words and presentation. He did great either in the presentation of the tool, either in his knowledge in general, and more over in his ability to be very attentive to whomever the question or request was coming from. I definitely recommend Mathias for any RPA subject related, also because of his availability to ask you questions on your process itself in terms on “how can it be enhanced “ which is, from my point of view, one of the major benefit in using a great RPA tool leaded by a great Manager such as Mathias!

Caroline Berard

Project Manager, ISS France

Over the past two years, I have worked with Mathias and other executives in setting up Foxtrot Alliance, a new company and partner of EnableSoft that focuses on delivering Foxtrot RPA technology and value-add services in Europe. Mathias has played a lead role in building out many areas of the operation including a help desk, partner portal, development team, as well as other functional areas. Mathias is a very capable, smart individual who consistently demonstrates critical thinking and excellence in execution. I would seize the opportunity to work with Mathias on future endeavors and highly recommend him.

Aaron Bultman

Product & Technology Leader, Enablesoft & Nintex

Mathias Balsløw was a great help to get our Foxtrot RPA installation to work in a satisfying way. He have a large knowledge of the Foxtrot RPA package and could help with all out issues. One of out main issues was that the product Foxhub (part of the Foxtrot RPA package) was unreliable on our server installation. We could replace it with the program packace Automation Orchestrator (written by Mathias) which solved all the issues we had with Foxhub. I will highly recommend Mathias as a consultant when needing help to the Foxtrot RPA package.

Morten Andreasen

Software Developer, Agri-Norcold A/S

Mathias and I worked together for 2 years, working with several areas of automation - primarily RPA. But if there was anything we couldn't solve with the tools we had available, Mathias was the first to sit down and learn a new code language or develop a tool that could fix whatever our challenge was. He is definitely one of the people I have met who is best at acquiring new knowledge and using it in practice. During the last year when Mathias and I worked together, Mathias acted as Team Lead, which came naturally to him and helped develop everyone in the team in a great way!

Niclas Mørck

RPA Consultant, Basico

It is a pleasure working with Mathias, who is a very proactive and determined young consultant with high ambitions. Besides working continuously alongside Mathias with ongoing customer tasks, he helped me perform a larger fit-gap analysis for one of our customers regarding a potential upgrade project to the newest version of Dynamics NAV (2016) and our own .NET shipping product. During the process, Mathias assisted me with facilitating the process by coordinating and organizing the work while simultaneously writing the analysis document on the basis of his own knowledge and my technical expertise, and the quality of the result really impressed me. Generally, I have experienced that Mathias handles all tasks with great enthusiasm and learn very quickly, and that is why I would highly recommend him for anyone interested in a young and aspiring consultant with great potential within both applications and project management.

Thomas Glenstrup

System Developer, E Foqus

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